Human growth, maturity and freedom can advance when we face and address the under-developed and/or painful areas in our lives. I have witnessed people change in ways they had hoped were possible. I have also celebrated people changing in areas they had given up all hope of knowing positive and lasting freedom. Some of the areas I assist with include:

  • Self-image
  • Loneliness
  • Loss and Grief
  • Life Changes/Transitions
  • Freedom from unwanted and repeated Thoughts/ Memories/ Actions
  • Communication Patterns at home, work, church, social clubs or with friends and extended family
  • Giving and Receiving Forgiveness
  • Growing in having a Truthful Image of God
  • Understanding and properly using Spiritual Gifts
  • Healing Prayer (receiving or providing healing prayer consistent with Scripture)
  • Christian Ministry

Feel free to inquire if you have a need not listed above.

Group Work Can Be Explored (4-6 Persons). Please inquire if you are interested in joining a group or you have a group you would like us to consider facilitating.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction involves compassionate listening, discernment, guidance and prayer in a confidential setting of encouragement. It helps persons listen to God’s activity in their lives, experiences and relationships. Spiritual Direction can assist in deepening friendship with God. At times this involves asking for God’s healing regarding past hurts and listening for His truth that brings lasting hope and wholeness.

End of Life Soul Care

End of life soul care is an invitation for the dying person and/or their loved ones to receive compassionate listening and spiritual support as they journey near and into an active dying process. We will discern together where support is needed and wanted.

As a Chaplain I have supported persons as they lamented a variety of diagnosis or life experiences. Some wished to lament past sorrows or unfulfilled dreams as they sought to find a place of acceptance and peace about how life turned out. Others wanted support in discerning memorable ways they could celebrate the life they have lived and the loved ones they have lived it with. What do they want to communicate to each loved one and how do they wish to communicate it? What would be a memorable gathering together of loved ones while the person is still living? Others wanted help with listening to God and experiencing peace with God. Others desired to be free from old resentments and move toward forgiveness and peace. Some persons wanted to process their concerns for those they would be leaving behind.

I am available to provide compassionate listening soul care that involves offering suggestions and Christian prayer when desired. I offer this service in my office, a person’s home, or in a hospital or hospice setting.

Hourly Fees

We offer a “Free” first meeting. Hourly Fees beyond the first meeting are below.

Wholeness: $50
Spiritual Direction: $50
End of Life Soul Care: $65

Please make checks payable to: Soul Care Pathways

Sorry, we do not accept health insurance.